16. A Hushed Door

A Hushed Door

I speak briefly about my new project, Hush Door. It is designed too keep political solicitation away at election time.

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15. The Fair Witness Tour

MP3: The Fair Witness Tour

The culmination of much of the knowledge I have accumulated over the past two years on the topic of citizen journalism. This is the information I brought with me on the Fair Witness Tour. This episode is a plea to all activists to find their niche in this growing trend. Doing so will have a market effect on corporate media.

The Fair Witness Transcript

* I took the first episode and I took it on tour. Some ideas are good for a tour.

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14. Peer Justice

mp3: Peer Justice

Kirsten Tynan of the Fully Informed Jury Association returns to explain the role of the grand jury. Also, my recent talk on the power of the Jury to a service club. This also underscores the importance of public speaking and the need to bring messages to new audiences.

From FIJA: On the Grand Jury

Literature distribution: Fresh Air for Justice, Who Owns Your Body, 2nd Amendment, Q+A Primer, True or Flase

* A basic so you know what the Grand Jury is. Also, to bring public speaking on the subject to service clubs.

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13. Life’s Start

Mp3: Life’s Start

Rebekah Maxwell of Life Right Now Radio joins us on how to “live out our pro-life.” We talk about her show, and some of the programs she’s come across in her broadcasts.  We, at the least, should be informed about of these programs and their possibilities. You might find a way of helping out you didn’t know about.

Rebekah’s Show -> Life Right Now

Birthright<->Birthright Locations<->Birthright Hotline: 1-800-550-4900

Save the Storks,  Resident Home-> Ruth Harbor,

Post-Abortive-> Rachel’s Vineyard, for those surfing-> Online for Life

For Churches without liasons->Embrace Grace,  My own plug: Lutherans for Life

*Though you may not have time, money, resources to help all these groups, it would be good just to research them, to be aware they exist and what they do, in the chance you may know someone or somewhere they fit in.

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12. Protect Your Assets

mp3: Protect Your Assets (to save, click, then right-click “save-as”)

I interview Larry Laborde of the Silver Trading company on the use of safes. Then some insight into unique storage places. Where should I store my gold and silver, and by extension, cash? This is to complement recent episodes on precious metals, cash, and banking.

Larry Laborde A guide to buying a safe

GoldSilver.com How to Hide Your Gold and Silver

* How to get a good safe, and how to hide your precious metals.

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11. Activism Pointers

MP3: click on link, then right-click “save as” Activism Pointers

Paul Tuschy, also known as Liberty Long Beard, joins the program to discuss our experiences in grassroots activism. A good discussion for beginners or those who wish to carry out some of the projects on this site. Great for any new volunteer.

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10. The Robin Hood Group and Parking Meters

mp3: The Robin Hood Group and Parking Meters (right-click to save)

I speak to one of the members of Robin Hood and the Merry Men out of Keene, NH.  The Merry Men traverse the streets looking for expired parking meters and like good samaritans, fill the meter before the enforcer issues a citation. This has led to a sharp reduction in parking fines and saves you money!

optional literature file: The Robin Hood Group of Keene. sample literature

If ticketed. sample literature

article: Robin Hood’ Parking Meter Activists Sued by City

* A good idea if it can be adapted and spread elsewhere.


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